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Horizon 240-G2 is another unique modern design by the professional architect Muhannad Salem, CDS Sweden. The design offers wide windows that allow enjoying the panoramic views of the horizons facing the main facade, in addition to that it implements traditional building materials in an up to date modern form.

The Horizon series comes with a wide range of flexible options that offers a number of rooms starting from 1 hall with a kitchen and bathroom up to 6 rooms with a kitchen and 4 bathrooms. The garage may be attached or separate. There is also an ability to modify the layout to match the requirements of the client.

The Horizon series is dedicated to complying with the high test of the most elite clients.

LIVING AREA                          176.9 m2

LOWER FLOOR                       71.9 m2

UPPER FLOOR                        105 m2


BUILDING AREA                     129.8 m2

TOTAL BUILT-UP AREA           259.2 m2





Muhannad Salem