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Contract us for prebuild

Before building you need a design, either from our catalogue with 1200+ houses or from our partner architect.

Paperwork and permits

During the prebuild contract we will organize all the paperwork and permits. During this we will make all the changes into the design.

Building contract

When we have agreed on all of the details, then we will make you the final price offer and when the funding is settled, we will start building the house.

Your house is ready!

No bother at all!

How do we do it?

Mapping your wishes

The first thing for you is to ask from your local municipality for the design conditions that are also called planning permission.

Figure out your budget, if a bank will be involved then already have a consultation with them to understand your possibilities and options.

  • Find out what is allowed to build
  • Find out what is your approximate budget
  • Choose a house from the catalogue or hire our architect

Choose a suitable “turn-key” quality class

These are all high-quality houses. The main difference is between the price of the finishing materials


  • High-end interior design
  • High-end interior materials
  • Superior external finishing
  • Best heating and cooling system
  • Design bathroom equipment
  • Aluminum windows
  • Design stairs
  • Smart home
  • Best wall insulation
  • Zero energy house




  • High-quality interior design
  • High-quality interior materials
  • Very good external finishing
  • Good heating system
  • Standard bathroom equipment
  • Wood-aluminum windows
  • Standrard stairs
  • Basic smart home
  • Great insulation
  • Near-Zero energy house




  • Keraamilised plaadid €35/m²
  • Parketid €40/m²
  • Keeruline välisviimistlus
  • Parem siseviimistlus
  • Parem sanitaartehnika
  • Trepp kuni €5000
  • Nibe maasoojusmpump
  • Paremad tehnosüsteemid
  • Klaaspiirded
  • Alumiiniumaknad



Project management

Creating a home is not just about choosing materials and building. In order for your wishes to be clearly represented and understood by everyone, we manage the project with our smart cloud-based software.

You have 24/7 access to all data, documents and agreements. In addition you have an easy way to comment on each stage and ask us for clarifications. You can also share this environment with your own owner control. It is important that all parties always see the same information and omissions are ruled out.

  • Precise schedule
  • Everything according to the agreement
  • Overview of the progress

Construction process

The construction is divided into stages so that each section is performed by the best specialist for just that job. 

The stages are divided so that all the preliminary work is precisely mapped, which ensures a smooth construction process throughout the construction period.

  • Top specialists
  • Long experience
  • 100% dedication to the project


A beautiful house is fantastic, but to actually use the house, you need all the paperwork to be in order. We will take care of every detail, no worries!

The whole process, the materials, and work is not only according to the rules and regulation but to the highest European standards

  • Full process is visible to the clients in the cloud
  • Up to date videos and pictures always available
  • Certifications in order
  • Everything is transparent and by the book

All done! Move in!

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